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Ecstasy Single


     Hello Lady is a 9 piece group  that plays every spectrum music; infusing rock n roll, funk, and reggae into its main ingredients. With a wide range of musical styles and backgrounds, the sound is extremely diverse and eclectic, giving a unique "universal" genre.

     Fifteen years ago lead singer Jack Cook and bassist Chip Mitter formed a band and immediately achieved success playing for a 5,000+ person crowd, and quickly began recording at their high school. Shortly afterwards, they started the new fusion band, Hello Lady to take on tour nationwide. Half the band is from Cincinnati all growing up within a square mile of each other. Rosalinda, Nellie, and Ryan are Los Angeles natives and Kelly is from Texas.

     Since their first self titled album debut in 2009, Hello Lady has since released two more studio albums:  The Vanguard  (2018) and Goodbye Cruel World (2020). They have another new album coming out later this year in the fall of 2020.....it will be the most anticipated art since the invention of the wheel.

                               Band members:

-Jack Cook (King of Sing) - Vocalist

-Chip Mitter (Lou Angel) - Bass Guitar

-Henry Breidenbach (Mother Hen) - Guitar

-Marshall Bohlander (Fire Marshall) - Harmonica

-Kelly Anderson - Drums

-Rosalinda Sensi - Auxiliary Percussion

-Nellie Lyn - Vocalist

-Ryan Remington - Guitar

-Stream Gardner - Trumpet

Goodbye Cruel World Album out now!!!

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"We the people, for the people, spreading a message to the masses."    Hello Lady